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Mar 31, 2023

In this third episode of season six, your podcast master Andrew Lambert visits with registered dietitian, mom of three, and wife to a hall-of-fame wrestler, Kim Tirapelle, in the McKee Financial Resources Studio. Calling in to us from currently rainy California, Kim and Andrew catch up on what has been going on since they graduated from the same high school eons ago.


After making it through high school with Andrew, Kim went to the University of Illinois to play on the first women’s division one soccer team and study kinesiology. Kim shares how one semester away from graduation she had a phone call with her parents and told them she wanted to pursue something different. She tells us why she decided to pursue a masters in nutritional science, how she was later able to combine both her love of nutrition and her love of athletes with her business Active Bariatric Nutrition, and the challenges of becoming a business owner as someone with no formal training in that area. Kim also addresses the impact that obesity has played on most Americans and why it needs to be examined more as a disease instead of dismissing it as just bad lifestyle choices.


Whether you are interested in turning your passion into a business, are fascinated by the world of nutrition, or want to hear an inspiring story, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Also, Andrew asks the very important question of whether or not he is allowed to continue consuming Lambert rolls. What does Kim have to say about the smear of butter? Listen and find out!

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